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Hainanese Chicken Rice - Newton Circle

Price: $9.00 (Regular), $10.00 (Large)
Verdict: Worth a weekly visit.  The best chicken rice south of Roe St.
Tip: Thigh or breast?  Here at The Pav, it is two votes for the dark meat and one for the white.
Location: Top Level of the Carillon Arcade.


Wrap / Toasted Turkish & Drink - Cafe Vinyl

Price: $10
Verdict: Simple, delicious and fast. A winner!
Tip: Chinotto is something of an acquired taste but give it a go if you're feeling adventurous.
Location: Hay Street, near Milligan.


Continental Roll - The Re Store

Price: $9.30 (The Works w/deluxe roll)
Verdict: The real deal. Value, flavour and a bit of culture all for less than $10.
Tip: Go early or late or be prepared to wait.
Location: Northbridge, near corner of Lake and Aberdeen.


Suzie's Prata House - Roti Prata and Curry Set

Price: $8.00 (2 Roti Prata & Curry) $4.50 (Tissue Roti Prata)
Verdict: The best Roti Prata I have eaten in Perth. Worth the trip!
Tip: The Mutton curry is a winner
Location: Morley - Outside the Coventry Square Markets on Walter Road West


Singapore - Part 2 of 3

This is the second instalment of our mini blog series on Singapore. Have a look at the first post here, covering Chicken Rice, Roti Prata and an authentic North Indian dining experience.

Today we will be focusing on some eateries on the East Coast of Singapore, specifically the Katong Area.  I must admit I have a soft spot for the Katong as both my parents grew up in the area. Hearing them talk about their youth, it is crazy to think how far Singapore has progressed over the last 50-60 years. 

Jap-Dogs - Hikaru Sushi and Japanese Food

Price: $5.50 - $6.50
Verdict: Fun to try but won't be back.
Tip: There's no seating so plan to eat elsewhere.
Location: Barrack street, near corner of Hay.


Singapore - Part 1 of 3

A bit of a different post here at The Pavarotti but something we hope you enjoy none the less. This is the first of the three part series that will cover some typical food you will find in the cultural melting pot that is Singapore. As I was eating my way around the city on a recent trip, I thought it would provide an interesting comparison to the affordable (by Perth standards) food we normally feature on the blog.


BBQ Sandwiches - Old Faithful Bar & BBQ

Price: $10
Verdict: An absolute must-visit, especially for meat-lovers.
Tip: Go to town on the BBQ sauce and hot sauce provided on each table. 
Location: King St (Wellington St end)



The Pavarotti is three Perth guys with a love of lunch and a disdain of Perth prices.  

The highlight of our day involves leaving our soggy leftovers in the fridge, strolling to a local eatery and enjoying some fresh food. But living in Perth, this can seriously hit your hip pocket!  That's why we have taken up this noble pursuit.

Join us as we hunt down the best (and worst) lunches that Perth has to offer in the sub-ten-dollar price range.

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