What's Fresh


Banh Mi Thit - Viet O Grill

Price: $7.90
Verdict: Another good Banh Mi in the City
Tip: The Grilled Pork is a winner
Location: 160 Central

Willie Wagtail

Price:All Items under $10
Verdict: A new favourite in the city
Tip: Can't decide? The half/half salad option is a winner
Location: 131 William St, Opposite Jamie's Italian


Roast Pork and Rice - Barbecue Noodle House

Price: $8.90
Verdict: Not going to win any awards, but a cheap chinese bbq option in the CBD
Tip: The chilli oil makes it a better meal
Location: 160 Central Food Court, Perth CBD


Banh Mi Thit - Mama Trans (Milligan St)

Price: $9.50 ($8.00 without Pate)
Verdict: Not bad but there are better options in town.
Tip: Ask for a freshly made bánh mì  or a slight change to ensure it is hot and freshly made.
Location: Milligan St, between Hay and Murray


Dosa - Haweli Indian (Raine Square)

Price: $9.95
Verdict: An oily, but delicious Dosa
Tip: Freshly made, they take about 5-10 minutes.
Location: Raine Square Food Court


Crispy Roast Pork Bánh Mì (The Pavarotti Special) - Le Vietnam

Price: $7
Verdict: It's called The Pavarotti Special, for goodness sake! Need we say more?
Tip: Get there early to avoid disappointment.
Location: Barrack Street between Hay and Murray


The Pavarotti on 882 6PR with Rod Tiley

On the weekend, The Pavarotti was lucky enough to talk about Perth's best cheap eats with 882 6PR's Rod Tiley. Follow the link below to hear the interview:



Brioche Sandwich - Small Print

Price: $10
Verdict: Decadent and Delicious
Tip: Get it Toasted
Location: Underneath the Print Hall, Brookfield Place



The Pavarotti is three Perth guys with a love of lunch and a disdain for Perth prices.  

The highlight of our day involves leaving our soggy leftovers in the fridge, strolling to a local eatery and enjoying some fresh food. But living in Perth, this can seriously hit your hip pocket!  That's why we have taken up this noble pursuit.

Join us as we hunt down the best (and worst) lunches that Perth has to offer in the ten-dollar price range.