Pavarotti Favourites


Price:All Items under $10
Verdict: A new favourite in the city
Tip: Can't decide? The half/half salad option is a winner
Location: 131 William St, Opposite Jamie's Italian


Price: $10
Verdict: Decadent and Delicious
Tip: Get it Toasted
Location: Underneath the Print Hall, Brookfield Place


Price: $9.00 (Regular), $10.00 (Large)
Verdict: Worth a weekly visit.  The best chicken rice south of Roe St.
Tip: Thigh or breast?  Here at The Pav, it is two votes for the dark meat and one for the white.
Location: Top Level of the Carillon Arcade.


Price: $8 - $9.50
Verdict: What we believe are the best sandwiches in the CBD
Tip: Freshly made sandwiches are available if the display cabinet is empty.
Location: Central Perth CBD


Price: $8.00
Verdict: The Choripan is the best Hot Dog we've ever eaten. Definitely worth tracking down.
Tip: Load up on the hot sauce! Also, check their Facebook page to see where they are at!
Location: Varies - currently at the Perth Cultural Centre


Price: $10 
Verdict: Great coffee, friendly staff, good music, good value and a cult-like following.  Most of all, great food (and the jamon toasties are the pick of the bunch).
Tip: The jamon toasties disappear early, so don't lunch too late.
Location: St Georges Tce end of Cloisters Arcade.


Price: $8.25-$9.90
Verdict: The second best ramen in town.
Tip: Go with the salt base soup. Or if you're just after a snack, their fried chicken is all kinds of delicious.
Location: In the Basement of Allendale Square.


Price: $6.50 - $8.00
Verdict: The Pavarotti's favourite cafe in Perth.
Tip: Their selection of pastries also have your sweet tooth covered.
Location: Central CBD. Underneath the Print Hall in Brookfield Place.


Price: $10
Verdict: A small-ish but incredibly tasty burger.  And for $10, better value than the other gourmet burger franchises about town, especially considering the quality of those ribs!
Tip: Check the food truck location at before you head out.
Location:  Wherever it parks!  Perth Cultural Centre (Northbridge) is where we found it.


Price: $10
Verdict: The best $10 you will ever spend.
Tip: Plan to have a light dinner. 
Location: East end CBD. On Murray, just east of Barrack.


Price: $6.50 (Combination/Chicken/Meatball) / $7.50 (Crispy Roast Pork)
Verdict: Pretty?  No.  Delicious?  Yes!
Tip: Stick the Hay St Stall and say yes to the chilli
Location: Hay St, opposite Cloisters Arcade 




The Pavarotti is three Perth guys with a love of lunch and a disdain for Perth prices.  

The highlight of our day involves leaving our soggy leftovers in the fridge, strolling to a local eatery and enjoying some fresh food. But living in Perth, this can seriously hit your hip pocket!  That's why we have taken up this noble pursuit.

Join us as we hunt down the best (and worst) lunches that Perth has to offer in the sub-ten-dollar price range.

The Pavarotti Perth restaurants

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